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Membership Dues: Our annual West Battle Lake Lakeshore Association (WBLLA) dues are only $25. For this you help sponsor needed lake preservation efforts such as the West Battle Lake Aquatic Vegetation Point-Intercept Survey noted below and other efforts towards preserving our amazing West Battle Lake for many lake-loving generations to come!

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2022 Annual Meeting is CANCELLED

NEW MODE: Will Be Sending Out Lake Relevant Information via Email to All WBLLA Members That We Have Email Addresses For . . .

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News coming soon relative to Walleye stocking of West Battle Lake . . . keep watching this website for updates on DNR and WBLLA supported fish stocking coming to West Battle Lake by the end of May 2022


Incredible Lake Information Resource!

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Battle Lake Labor Day Airshow 2021

Click HERE to View 11 min 37 Sec Video from Saturday Sept 4, 2021

Click HERE to View or Download 190 JPEG Photos from the Air Show

Video and Photos by Michael Smith

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Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Information

Starry stonewort is a bushy, bright green macro-algae. It produces a characteristic star-shaped bulbil. The thin, bright green branchlets (branch-like structures) can be variable in length and are arranged in whorls (radiating out from a single point) around them. Branchlets typically extend in acute angles away from the stem nodes.

Click HERE to View Details of how to support the ENRTF (Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund) Bill, SF 690 for the Management of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)

Wish to Dispose of Zebra Mussels Legally?

Click HERE to Find Out How


What Was That Ugly Yellow Green Scum On The Lake Last May in West Battle Lake?

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Zebra Mussels’ Best Friend: Wake Board Boats a University of Minnesota Study Finds!

Clint Austin – Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officer Julie Siems uses K-9 officer Brady, a golden retriever Mix, to detect zebra mussels in a boat at the Pike Lake boat landing north of Duluth. (Clint Austin caustin@duluthnews.com)

Click HERE to See More Information

Is there a DNR Form I need to Have to Transport Watercraft from and AIS Infested Lake such as West Battle Lake?

Yes there is!  Please Click HERE to view, print or download the DNR Form

Click HERE for Helpful Information on the Responsibility of Owners and Their Lake Equipment


DNR Tip – Fire Pits 50 Feet from Lake

What Lake Owners Can Do to Aid Lake Water Quality

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