Gizzard Creek Habitat Enhancement

Gizzard Creek (Ditch 16) Walleye Spawning Riffle Project

See What We Did: WBLLA Got Awarded $25,000 in State DNR Grant Money for Improving Ditch 16 (Gizzard Creek) Clitherall Lake to West Battle Lake Stream Feeder

Gizzard Creek Project Completed!

With collaboration from numerous agencies, individuals and groups, work on the restoration of the walleye spawning bed on Gizzard Creek/County Ditch 16 which enters West Battle Lake was completed August 5th, 2020.

This project was completed in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Dept., West Battle Lake Lakeshore Association, Otter Tail County, Minnesota Ditch Inspector, and neighboring landowners. This project was funded through the DNR’s Conservation Partners Legacy Grant which is part of the Minnesota Outdoor Heritage Fund. Work was completed by Ness Backhoe Inc. and the OTC Soil and Water Conservation District.

A special recognition to formal board member Mike Kloubecwho initiated the opportunity with the association, in an effort to improve the natural spawning habitat for walleyes on WBL.

Above are pictures of the completed project

Project Name: Gizzard Creek Fish Habitat Enhancement

WBLLA Project Leader: Mike Kloubec

Letter From State of Minnesota DNR


Your application titled Gizzard Creek Fish Habitat Enhancement has been selected for funding through the FY2018 Round 1 Traditional Conservation Partners Legacy Grant Program. You’ve been awarded $25,000 in reimbursable grant funds.

CPL staff will be contacting you over the next couple of weeks with instructions for meeting the grant contract requirements. A Grant Contract must be fully executed before any work can begin on your project. Any expenses incurred before the contract is executed will not be eligible for reimbursement. All paperwork will be completed using electronic signatures to expedite this process.

Thank you for your dedication to preserving Minnesota’s natural resources. We look forward to working with you to complete your project!

Jessica Lee

CPL Program Coordinator | Division of Fish and Wildlife 

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources


Fish Habitat Enhancement Project Materials List

100 yds3 Class II rip-rap (following MNDOT specifications)

30 yds3 1.5 inch minus

45 yds3 clay fill

25 yds3 top soil

Erosion control blankets and coconut or similar logs

Cost estimate

$7,900 for rock, fill and top soil

$1,500 for erosion control and seed

$10,500 for equipment and mobilization (3 days X $3,500/day)

Total = $19,900*

NOTE: *Rounding up and adding 20% contingency gives us a $24,000 rough estimate for completion