Fish Fund Donation (Walleye Stocking)

To donate to the West Battle Lake Walleye Stocking Fish Fund please scan the QR Code Below with your smartphone.

100% of donated funds go to stocking efforts on West Battle Lake as DNR permits allow.

Greetings to the Property Owners on West Battle Lake!

On behalf of the West Battle Lake Lakeshore Association Board, I am happy to announce our Fall 2023 Walleye Stocking is complete! 

On Thursday, October 5th, 2023, we received 960 pounds of Walleye Fingerlings. On Friday October 6th, 2023, we received another 356 pounds of Walleye Fingerlings. This brought our total to 1,316 pounds received which was the maximum amount allowed by the MN DNR for this Stocking project. Both “drops” were done at the West access due to extremely windy conditions at the East access both days.

Prior to this Walleye Stocking project, the Fish Fund account balance was $25,272.51. The total amount spent for our Fish this Fall was $19.00 per pound, for the 1,316 pounds received, which is a total of $25,004.00. The Fish Fund account balance is now $268.51.

A sincere thank you to everyone who generously donated to the ongoing effort to keep Stocking West Battle Lake with Walleyes. We, the Lakeshore Association Board members, have made this a priority and we will continue to do so in the years to come. Please consider continuing to donate to the Fish Fund, it is MUCH appreciated.

Tracy Rendz – Eldridge West Battle Lake Lakeshore Association Board President

Photos courtesy of Board Members Dan Kolpin and Tracy Rendz-Eldrige